Dommett Street Water Main Replacement


Job No:



Townsville City Council

Project Location:

Dommett Street, Stuart, Townsville

Contract Time:

15 Weeks

Completion Date:

May 2017 


Project Delivery Managers (PDM)


Project Delivery Managers (PDM), Jim Sullivan, (07) 4772 0402


The existing old DN375 MSCL water main along the eastern side of Stuart Drive (from Dommett Street to Hynch Street) was in poor condition and had experienced a number of failures in recent years. To enable that section of old water main to be made obsolete, 468m of new DN250 water main was needed to direct water from the DN450 DICL trunk water main on Powell Street to the exiting DN250 PVC water main on Dommett Street.

With the construction of the DN250 Dommett Street water main, the existing old DN375 MSCL water main along Stuart Drive (from Dommett Street to Hynch Street) could be made obsolete.

A section of the DN250 water main constructed along Stuart Drive was in a DTMR controlled road reserve. The water main crossing of Stuart Drive (opposite the intersection with Dommett St) was flanged DN250 DICL pipe inside a 630OD PE enveloper. The Stuart Drive crossing was constructed through trenchless methods in accordance with DTMR requirements.

A pdf copy of this project can be downloaded here. (Download PDF)


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