Shaw Road Connection Water Main And Sanctum Water Main Extension


Job No:



Townsville City Council

Project Location:

Separable Portion A - Shaw Road, Shaw, Townsville

Contract Time:

18 Weeks

Completion Date:

December 2017


Project Delivery Managers


Project Delivery Managers, Andrew Franzmann, (07) 4772 0402


Separable Portion A - Shaw Road Connection Water Main

The intersection of Shaw Road and the Bruce Highway (Shaw) was upgraded in 2008 as part of the North Shore residential development works. The intersection upgrade involved a number of changes to the water system infrastructure and operation; however, at the time, the freehold land parcels on the western side of Shaw Road (at the Bruce Highway intersection) were privately owned. This ownership prevented the construction of a new water main on the boundary of the ultimate Shaw Road intersection and therefore resulted in the old DN100 & DN150 AC pipes under the major intersection being kept in operation. Once the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) acquired these freehold land parcels the planned connection water main could be constructed and the old, high risk, water infrastructure under the major intersection could be diverted and subsequently decommissioned. This project was for the supply and construction of a new connection water main at the Shaw Road and Bruce Highway intersection.

The extent of works generally comprised of the following:

A pdf copy of this project can be downloaded here. (Download PDF)


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