Svensson Road DN375 Trunk Water Main


Job No:



Townsville City Council

Project Location:

Mt Low, Townsville

Contract Time:

16 Weeks  

Completion Date:

September 2011


DPM Water Pty Ltd, Desmond Moseley, 0439 555 189


Townsville City Council, Lance Olsen, (07) 4727 8599


Supply and construction of the Svennson Road trunk water main involved installing 898m x DN375 DICL water main and 26m x DN300 DICL water main along Svennson Road in Mount Low, including installation of a flow meter and pressure reducing valve and associated pipework enclosed in a fenced compound. Works also included the installation of a pipe jacking enveloper under the Bruce Highway and North Coast Railway Line, and connection of the trunk main to the Mount Spec pipeline.

A pdf copy of this project can be downloaded here. (Download PDF)


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