Fairfield Waters Lake 3 Recirculation Pump & Outlet Weir


Job No:



Hansen ConstructionN.Q.

Project Location:

Fairfield Waters, Townsville

Contract Time:

4 Months

Completion Date:

January 2009


Cardno Engineering, Townsville


Cardno Engineering, John Large, (07) 4772 1166


The saltwater lake system at Fairfield Waters includes three lakes and was designed with its primary function to collect water during the wet season. The aim of this project was to supply and install a pump station at Lake 3 to circulate water around the lake and help prevent stagnation. It involved the supply and installation of a 2.0m diameter x 4.0m deep FRP salt water pump station with 362m x 150mm rising main, 77m x 200mm water main, 112m x electrical conduit, 120m x 450mm fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) pipe, and 3 manholes. The concrete weir structure incorporated another 100m x 200mm water main, 60m x 525mm FRC pipe and 30m x 600mm FRC pipe.

A pdf copy of this project can be downloaded here. (Download PDF)


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