Innes Estate Major Sewerage Pump Station D1


Job No:



Thuringowa Water

Project Location:

Innes Estate, Townville

Contract Time:

20 Weeks

Completion Date:

December 2007


GHD, Townsville


DPM Water Pty Ltd, Desmond Moseley, 0439 555 189


Due to residential development within the Deeragun region putting an increased demand on the existing D1 concrete sewerage pump station, it was recognised that a larger pump station with larger pumps would be required to keep up with future development in the area. This project involved the construction of a new sewerage pump station at Innes Estate, north of Townsville; with an emergency generator building and supply of an emergency generator at Innes Road, Innes Estate. On completion of the new pump station with generator and building, the existing D1 pump station was demolished. The new pump station consisted of a 4.5m diameter x 9.5m deep FRP sewerage pump station with a 6.4m x 4.2m control building and a 140 KVA standby generator.

A pdf copy of this project can be downloaded here. (Download PDF)


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