Belvedere Sewerage Pump Station


Job No:



Johnstone Shire Council

Project Location:

Innisfail, Queensland

Contract Time:

4 Months

Completion Date:

May 2007


GHD, Cairns, John Redondo, (07) 4044 2215


Johnstone Shire Council, Ross Jennings, (07) 4030 2276


Before the installation of the new sewerage pump station at Belvedere (outside Innisfail), the existing gravity sewer crossed open cane paddocks and stormwater drains to the existing Pump Station 24 at Badilla Street, Hudson. The gravity sewer had a high volume of ground water infiltrating the system, which caused overworking of the existing pumps in Pump Station 24. To minimise the ground water infiltration it was decided to terminate the existing gravity sewer and construct a new sewerage pump station at Belvedere.

The system supplied for this project was a 2.1m diameter x 6.1m deep concrete sewerage pump station, with a standby generator, shade structure, and 480m of gravel access road. A new sewerage manhole was also constructed over the existing gravity sewer at Belvedere, and a solar shade structure, emergency generator and new control panel were installed at Pump Station 24.

A pdf copy of this project can be downloaded here. (Download PDF)


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